McDonnell McDonnell
McDonnell McDonnell

Figurative Photography

This series of images was shot from 2007-2011. My objective was to flatten the picture plane. The work was inspired by Conrad Hall, a cinematographer who worked on films from "Cool Hand Luke," in 1967, to "American Beauty", in 1999. All of the figurative work is large format, two feet square up to five by eleven feet. The images here are color corrected, painted in Photoshop, and composites from original photographs. 


These images began as photos of flowers from my garden. The objective is to flatten the picture plane and draw ones focus to the subject.  I am playing with Andy Warhol like pop icons.


Since the beginning of my art career I have found a thread that connects many of my pieces is the transcendence to other worldy atmospheres. Perhaps it is connected to my tendency toward experimentation and or my insistence to be childlike and to have fun.

 Portrait photography

I like the idea of capturing the personality of the subject. Once a person becomes concious of the camera they tend to stiffen up and become more guarded. I distract my subject by talking to them. I use a shutter release. I don't look through the lens. I want to get a more lifelike image of people and pets. They have to get to know you first. When they let down their guard the pictures begin.


I enjoy documenting nature, the colors, patterns and the textures. Composition, lighting, and focal depth are concerns but the subject is the most critical. David Wojnarowicz taught me that it matters least the type of camera or lens used because the subject is the most important. The camera is the tool. The artist is the creative force.  Some of these images were taken with an Iphone 4, 6, and others with a Cannon T2i.


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