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Artist's Statement

As an artist, I am interested in color, composition, and surface tension. The process of painting is
as important as the product. Developing the surface quality and discovering ways to accomplish it is compelling enough to keep me busy. Considering volume and perspective is intriguing. Flattening the perception of visual space and layering up shallow depths of field is how I play.


Art exists in a flux of possibilities, without boundaries, or limitations. It is important to explore the potential of variations. When I get an idea I work it out as a theme in a series of paintings. It's not unusual for me to delve into several series at the same time. Take a look through the work below to see some of my series in the process.


As you scroll through these web pages please observe the variation of subjects and processes.
I can draw and paint anything. I choose to make nonrepresentational or abstract work. It’s fun! I enjoy it.


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