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Artist's Statement

As a painter, I am interested in color, composition, and surface tension. The activity and process of painting is as important as the resulting image. Developing the "plastic" surface quality and discovering ways to accomplish it are compelling. Ruminating over volume and perspective is intriguing. Flattening the perception of visual space and layering up shallow depths of field is fun and playful.


Self-knowledge, gathering insight, discovering,  growing emotionally and intellectually, how one reflects upon and perceives the world is essential to being and living a fulfilled life. The knowledge of and commitment to, art and its history, it's influences, humanity, poetry, theatre, music, science, math, literature, and philosophy, are incremental parts of who I am and who I will become.


Art exists in a flux of possibilities, without boundaries, or limitations. Art is a vehicle for life.

Art is the last vestige for the freedom of expression. Art is a man’s name.

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